If you collect information about the date of birth of your clients and subscribers, you can wish them 'Happy Birthday' with Omnisend's Birthday Email. It automatically sends a message on their special day. Perfect for developing customer relationships and making sales.

Show that you care about your clients and subscribers. These emails are fully automated, so you don't have to care about delivery - Omnisend handles it for you.

This feature is available for Omnisend Trial, Standard, Pro and Enterprise plan users (on all Ecommerce platforms) under the Automation tab. 


How to collect birthday dates?

Birthday Email will only be sent to those subscribers whose birthday data is available to us. 

It can be imported from your store or you can collect it with help of our Signup Forms. Just add an additional input field for birthday date and all new subscribers will have to enter this info. 

As for your existing subscribers, you can create a Landing Page with the additional birthday field and send the link via a Campaign. 


Setup process


This workflow is triggered by a birthday date. Due to the particularity of the workflow, you may want to send the email before your subscriber's special date, so you can adjust it here.

When editing the workflow click on the trigger block and on the right side of the editor you can select the needed option.


This step allows you to choose the delay of email sent - the time Omnisend will wait from the trigger until the email should be sent. You can choose to edit the default delay (Specific tame of the day) and set it to:

  • minutes, 
  • hours,
  • days, 
  • weeks,
  • months

You can also choose, what should happen with those contacts, who might be affected by the new rules (if the delay rules are being changed). There are two ways of dealing with it: 

  • Discontinuing the current sequences under the old rules, which would not send any emails with old rules, if there are any customers in the workflow,
  • Completing the current sequences according to the old rules, which would finish sending the emails with old rules to all customers that are currently in the workflow.


This step allows you to choose and edit the email, that is sent to the customer. You can choose from either of our free templates and use one of either design themes for it. 

If you choose a Birthday flow with an SMS message block in it, you will be able to send your customers an email message plus the SMS message; only the email message, if you decide to drop the SMS; or just the SMS message. This will depend on your preferences as well as to which channel your customers are subscribed to. Read more about SMS in automation here.

End of workflow

When the customer receives an email, they exit the workflow. Such clients are calculated and the total is provided in the End of workflow box.

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