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Integration with Loop Subscriptions
Integration with Loop Subscriptions
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Loop Subscriptions is a complete subscriptions solution built with direct insights from DTC community. Create the best subscription experience for your brand with a well-designed & fast-loading subscription widget, add TikTok/IG videos in your exit surveys, automate/personalize discounts, rewards, trials & gifts on X orders.

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Setup Process

Firstly, create an API key. To do this click on your brand name in the top right corner -> Store settings:

Click on the 'API keys' section:

Then click the 'Create API Key' button:

Enter the name of your API key, keep default settings and click 'Save':

Then proceed to your Loop Subscriptions account. Go to the Integrations tab and select the Omnisend integration by clicking the 'Connect' button:

You'll be redirected to the Omnisend integration page. Go to the 'Set up instructions' page and paste the API key into the corresponding field and click 'Connect':

That's it! The integration is enabled. You can view all the events sent to Omnisend in the Integration Overview report:

Note! For the custom events to be created in Omnisend, each of them needs to be triggered at least once after the integration is enabled.

What Data is Synced

After the integration is enabled, Loop starts passing these Custom Events to Omnisend:

  • Loop subscription created

  • Loop payment attempt failed with retries left

  • Loop payment attempt failed last retry left

  • Loop payment attempt failed

  • Loop order skipped

  • Loop subscription paused

  • Loop subscription resumed

  • Loop subscription cancelled

  • Loop order upcoming

  • Loop subscription expired

  • Loop subscription reactivated

  • Loop order partially processed

  • Loop order out of stock

  • Loop customer activation

  • Loop payment method expiring soon

  • Loop order processed

You can set up a workflow using each of these events and send emails to customers informing them about their subscription updates.

Each of the Custom Events has a number of properties passed along with them. So, you can use personalisation tags to include unique values in the email content. For example, here's how you send information about the subscription renewal date when the subscription is created:

IMPORTANT - Order is created each time a subscription is purchased. So, all the order-related workflows (triggers Order Placed, Order Status Changed) are triggered in Omnisend whenever a subscription is purchased/cancelled/renewed/etc. So, keep this in mind when setting up the email content for each of the workflows triggered by Loop Custom Events.

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