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Integration with Chatarmin WhatsApp Marketing Tool
Integration with Chatarmin WhatsApp Marketing Tool
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Integrate WhatsApp alongside Email to drive a Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) increase of 25-50%. Automatically retarget email leads who haven't converted and seamlessly segment non-converted email groups using WhatsApp.

Setup Process

Setup Process

Step 1. From your Omnisend store, go to Store Settings → API keys.

Step 2. Click 'Create API key' → set all permissions, or for passing contacts at least → copy it and click 'Save'. Here's more info on generating API keys.

Step 3. Log in to your Chatarmin account → click on the 'Dashboard' → at the Integration section, look for Omnisend, and press 'Connect'.

Step 3.1. Scroll down and paste the API key created during Step 2 → click 'Connect Now'.

Step 3.2. From there, click 'Sync chatarmin consent to property' → enter a custom property name, for example: "chatarmin_whatsapp" → press the 'Save Settings' to sync this consent name as a custom property at Omnisend.

Great news! Your Omnisend account has been successfully connected to Chatarmin.

What Data is Passed

After connecting Chatarmin with Omnisend, your WhatsApp leads will start syncing.

Below are the values that can be passed to Omnisend:

  • Email address;

  • Phone number;

  • Custom properties;

  • "Chatarmin - Flow enrolled" custom event.

Setting Up Your Flow

Step 1. Go to Flows → click 'Create new Flow'.

Step 2. Now click 'Create from scratch'.

Step 3. Now enter Flow Name and Description → click 'Continue'.

Step 4. Now click 'Choose A Starting Point' and select the Flow trigger.

Step 5. Add different blocks to your flow.

You can add Logic blocks like A/B tests or have a delay between messages.

You have the option to include multiple actions.

Here's how you can add properties to your Omnisend account.

Step 6. When you have completed the setup, make sure to toggle the flow on (1) for it to be live and publish it (2), as shown in the screenshot below.

Also, there's an option for you to test it and make sure your contact is going through the flow as intended.

Step 7. Check out an exemplary profile in Omnisend at the end.

​You can then create a custom flow by selecting a custom trigger coming from your Chatarmin integration and send some more follow-up messages to your customers.

Below, you can see the custom trigger added to the dropdown of Omnisend automation setup.

Use Cases

  • Trigger WhatsApp Messages on Abandoned Cart. For example, email first, WhatsApp second. You just need to set the delay in Chatarmin as sum of all your delays from your Omnisend automation, and you can also check if contact has a Chatarmin property from the above Welcome flow.

  • Post purchase message/confirmation with WhatsApp. If you followed-up with the customer in Chatarmin, you can add a property to their Omnisend profile that you did.

  • Once a client registered through WhatsApp, you can populate/sync the data to the Omnisend contact. With that, you could then leverage Omnisend segments to send only Email Campaigns to those who are NOT WhatsApp subscribed, cause those, already receive a WhatsApp Campaign.

For more information, please check Chatarmin help docs here and also in-platform-help-chatbot.

If you have any questions or need any help with the integration, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or via in-app chat. We are here 24/7 for you!

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