Facebook Custom Audiences is an ad targeting option that lets you find people who already know your business on Facebook. You can use sources like customer lists, engagement on Facebook or website or app traffic to create Custom Audiences.

Omnisend allows you to connect your Facebook account and sync your lists and segments to your Custom Audiences. This allows you to easily set accurate and targeted ads.

Before you start

  • To access the features of this integration, you’ll need an active Facebook account that manages at least one Facebook Page. This integration doesn’t add a signup form or post to your personal Facebook profile. 
  • Have your Facebook Ads Manager connected to Facebook Business Manager
  • When you set up the integration, you must approve each of Facebook’s permission requests.
  • You can also connect your Facebook account to Omnisend to create Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. The connection process is the same as for Facebook.
  • This feature is only available on Pro plan.

Connecting the app

Go to My Account > Connected Apps > Connect App.

Choose Facebook Custom Audiences from the list and click Connect.

Authorize the access to your Facebook account. We need this permission to be able to push the chosen lists and segments to your Facebook Custom Audiences. Click Authorize access to proceed.

You will be brought to Facebook and asked to provide Omnisend with your name and profile picture. Click Continue as -your profile name- to proceed.

Once you have properly submitted the info and authorized the access, your Facebook Custom Audiences app will show up as connected. Connection process is now done and you can start syncing your lists and segments.

Syncing lists and segments

Once you have connected your Omnisend and Facebook Custom Audiences accounts you just need to create a list or segment on Omnisend and synchronize it with your Facebook Custom Audiences. Learn how you can create a list or segment.

Once you have your list or segment ready, choose Sync list to Facebook from the dropdown.

Your list or segment will start the initial sync and will update automatically whenever there are new contacts on it. 

You can now start showing/sending targeted Ads to that specific group of contacts within Facebook and Instagram.

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