Each subscriber on your list has given you permission to email them. Double opt-in is a two-step version of this process. First, your potential subscriber fills out one of your signup forms. Second, a follow-up email is sent to their inbox for subscription confirmation. Once that is done, the contact appears as a subscribed contact on your Omnisend list.

This article explains the benefits of the double-opt-in process and how to set it up.


Double Opt-In Process
Benefits of Double Opt-In
Setup Process
Confirmation page

Double Opt-In Process

The scheme below explains how exactly double opt-in works and how it integrates into the Welcome Email or Welcome Series process.

Important! Currently, only a double opt-in Email can be sent to the customer subscribing to the Signup form. If you create the form with the SMS opt-in only, the double-opt-in option won't work.

Benefits of Double Opt-In

Double opt-in helps you keep your subscriber list clean and assures that no bad email addresses or spam-bots appear on it. With a single opt-in, all email addresses appear on your list immediately. Although it looks like a better way to grow your list, it might get clogged with low-quality email addresses: ones with typos, fake addresses just to get a discount, etc. Double opt-in acts as a layer of confirmation that the email address is valid and will definitely be able to receive your campaigns and automated emails.

The main benefits include:

  • Protection against spam-bots, email scams, and fake subscribers.

  • Assurance of valid email addresses and an archived record of the subscriber's consent. Depending on your country's regulation, double opt-in might be mandatory.

  • Higher open rates, lower bounce, and unsubscribe rates due to higher quality subscriber lists.

  • There is no additional cost to it: all confirmation emails sent are not counted into your monthly mailing credit limit.


Setup Process

Double opt-in is optional on Omnisend. It can be enabled in the setup process of your signup forms. Although we strongly suggest using it, it is up to you to decide whether a particular signup form should be using double opt-in or not.

When you are setting up an Omnisend signup form, you will see the Double opt-in option available on the Setting step. To enable double opt-in for that particular signup form, tick "Use double opt-in". This box is not checked by default.

Once you have the box ticked, you will get a chance to EDIT your email and confirmation page. Once clicked, a pop-up modal should appear, offering the settings for your Email and confirmation page. In the "Email" tab, you can edit the following information:

  • Subject line. This is the subject line of the confirmation email. Make sure it is simple and easy to understand for those expecting your confirmation email.

  • Sender's name. We suggest using your company name here so that your potential subscriber would be able to find this Email easily in the inbox.

  • Verified the sender's Email. Using a sender's email address on your own domain is highly suggested.

  • Email headline. This headline will appear in the email message itself.

  • Email content. We suggest informing your potential subscriber, that there is one more step left. Leaving instructions for those who received it by mistake is also welcome. Basic text editing is available.

  • Confirmation button. You can change the text that appears on the confirmation button. The button itself cannot be removed from the Email, as it is essential and needs to be clicked in order to add the contact as a subscriber.

  • Button. You can change the text style and button color.

  • Preview email. This link allows you to check your Email on both desktop and mobile devices.


Confirmation page editor

In the "Confirmation page" tab you can edit the following information:

  • Page headline. This is a headline that appears at the top of the confirmation page.

  • Page content. We suggest informing your potential subscriber, that their subscription is now confirmed. Basic text editing is available.

  • Show the website button. You can show a button that leads to a particular page of your website. To do so, tick this box.

  • Website button. Name your button.

  • Button style. Edit the test style and button design.

  • Website button URL. Add a link to the page you want your new subscribers to be able to go after the confirmation page. Feel free to add UTMs or use shortened URLs for additional tracking.

  • Preview confirmation page. This link allows you to check your confirmation page on both desktop and mobile devices.

  • Instead of showing this page, send subscribers to another URL. In case you want your new subscribers to go straight to some other page than Omnisend provided confirmation page, tick this box and paste the needed link. This is great if you have a success page on your own website and want to drive traffic straight to it. However, keep in mind that subscribers should definitely be informed about the success of the signup process and not just brought to your website's title page.

Confirmation page

Both email and confirmation page has a predefined design that cannot be altered for now. However, your logo is pulled from the signup form to make sure it looks as authentic as possible, and your subscribers are not confused. If you use a couple of different logos on your signup forms, each double opt-in process will have different logos as well.

Note! If an email address exists in your audience already with any subscription status, we won't send a double opt-in email.

Have any additional questions? Feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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