Who are Non-subscribers

Any contact that has made a purchase in your store and/or has abandoned a cart, created an account, visited it but has not agreed to receive your Email Marketing is considered a Non-subscriber because he/she does not have the online opt-in record required to convert him/her into a Subscriber. This opt-in is what allows you to send them Promotional Email Campaigns. 

How is the Opt-in record obtained

The most direct way is via online Signup forms like the ones Omnisend offers:

  • Signup Box 
  • Pop-up 
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Landing page

However there are other ways it can be obtained, like the check box at checkout "accepts marketing"

Subscribers have landed in the Non-subscribers list - What should I do?

It happens sometimes that your contacts that were not collected via Omnisend Signup forms land in the Non-subscribers list because the opt-in record was not made available by the original source of collection. Well, you do not need to worry about that, we offer you the option to move them from your Non-subscribers list to the Subscribers.

Important! You should manually move Non-subscribers to Subscribers only if you have proof of consent for each. Omnisend will not take any responsibility for bounced emails or spam complaints that might generate manually converted Subscribers. 

To move your Subscribers that landed in the Non-subscribers list please go to All Subscribers and check for the following message:

Once you click on "here" you will get this message:

Again click on "here" and you will get the final step:

Once you mark that you Confirm having permission, the CONVERT button will be activated:

Click CONVERT and those Non-subscribers will be given the opt-in record and moved to Subscribers.

Please, be aware that this increase in your Subscribers number might generate adjustments in your monthly fee if your are using our Standard or Pro plan. Please, check the prices HERE

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