When uploading new contacts to Omnisend, you should also look for the ability to identify each of your imports uniquely. For that reason, we allow you to add a tag while importing your contacts to Omnisend and later use that tag to split them into different categories.

How it works

There are two ways to add your contacts to the Segment:

  • enable the auto-tagging option during the import process.

  • assign a tag during the import and use it for Segmenting your contacts in the platform;

For more information on the contacts import from file or another service check this article.

Enable auto-tagging option

In the Organize stage of the contacts import process, choose a tag from the drop-down, or start typing your own. Here, you can also enable the option to Create a segment of imported contacts.

On every import, Omnisend creates a tag with the following format: imported from the file on DD/MM/YY HH:MM:SS pm. When you choose to create a Segment automatically, this tag will be used in the Segment settings.

Assign the tag manually

If you wish to use your own tag, you can choose a tag from the menu or create a new one. Later, use it in the Segment settings.

In the Audience tab click Create Segment -> Add rule Tag is "tag you just created" -> click Add. You will see a list of contacts that have that particular tag. Click Save segment to have all those contacts in one segment (list).

Learn how you can add contacts to existing Segment

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