If you have set up a Welcome automation to greet your new clients, but you see that no one is entering the flow or maybe not all of the new contacts are getting the welcome messages, there are several things you might want to check. 

In this article, you will find the most common mistakes you can make when setting up Welcome automation workflows and steps on how to resolve them.


⚠️Incorrect trigger is set for your automation flow

The first thing you should check is the trigger set in your automation. If you want your new contacts who signed up via one of the Omnisend forms or any form integrated with Omnisend to receive your Welcome newsletter, ensure that the trigger set is “Signup” and the trigger rule is “Form is any”:

Of course, you can choose a certain form to be the trigger, in that case your trigger rule should be “Form is form name”. Or a certain form can be ignored with the trigger rule “Form is not form name”.

Keep in mind that if you have several forms enabled - you can choose a specific form or more than one signup forms to trigger the automation. Note, that in such cases you should choose OR operator between chosen forms.


⚠️Your signup forms do not work properly

To check if your signup forms are working, you should open your store via the Incognito mode (on Google Chrome or Android devices) or Private window (on Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari browsers) and sign up using an unused email address. Note, the email address cannot be the same as your Sender’s email address you use to send campaigns and automation.

Once you sing up, a success message will inform you about the successful signup, so check if your email address appeared in the “Audience” tab.


⚠️You are using audience filter in your automation flow

Targeting which contacts should receive the newsletters by using audience filters do not fit with the newly coming contacts, so don't use Audience filters for your Welcome email.

It is only possible to filter the audience when you already have contacts subscribed, by using segments – create a segment with your preferred rules instead. When you have a segment, create the workflow with trigger “Contact enters a segment” and pick your segment in the trigger rule. 


⚠️You are using SMS message or Push message blocks and the contacts are not exiting the flow

If you see a lot of contacts entering the flow, but almost none of them exiting, you might have message blocks causing the issue. Automation workflow is concluded of several blocks and contains an SMS message or a Push notification block. Check the option “Pass non-opted-in contacts to next workflow step” which you can find in the mentioned block settings. This means that the contacts who are not subscribed to SMS or Push channels will skip this block and will continue the flow.

Still no luck? Contact the Support team and we will resolve this together.

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