When you receive the opt-in agreement from your customers to receive the promotions from you, those contacts get a 'Subscribed' channel status in Omnisend. Your contacts can unsubscribe from your promotions organically as well as you can manually unsubscribe your contacts when you know that they no longer want to receive communication from you.

Unsubscribed contacts by mistake? Can happen to everyone. Read this troubleshooting guide to convert your contacts back to subscribed status.

⚠️Unable to convert contact status back to "Subscribed"

1. Export the contacts that you want to convert to a file.

2. Add an extra column in the exported file with the name “Opt-in date”.
3. Add today's date in the YYYY-MM-DD format in every cell of the “Opt-in date” column in your file and save it.

4. Navigate to Audience tab > Add contacts >  click Import contacts from file in the Omnisend app.

5. In the pop-up window click on the Open wizard button right next to the File import option.

6. Choose to Select File and proceed further.

7. When mapping the fields, make sure you map the “Opt-in date” column value as “Email opt-in date”.

8. Finalize the contact import from the file as usual.

That's it! The status for your existing contacts will be updated to “subscribed”.

Important: You are fully responsible for converting your contacts to “subscribed” status, make sure those contacts agreed to receive promotions from you!

Something did not go as expected? Reach out to Support team and we will assist you.


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