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The number of Campaign recipients doesn't match the number of contacts in the Segment? Continue reading this article to sort everything out.

Since Omnisend is a multichannel platform, a single contact may be subscribed to one of the channels and unsubscribed from the other. When you choose to send the newsletter, we automatically verify your contacts' statuses and rebuild the Segment so that it will be sent to Subscribed contacts only.

For instance, your Contact list may contain contacts that subscribed, never subscribed, and unsubscribed from your email marketing. When you choose to send the email to the whole list, you will be informed that the newsletter will be sent to subscribed contacts only.

You may add this rule to your Segment settings if you wish to check how many of your contacts are subscribed to a specific channel.

Go to the Audience tab β†’ Segments β†’ find the segment or create a new one (Create segment button) β†’ add a rule defining your contacts' subscription status. Make sure you connect it with the AND operator (if you select a few groups or rules).

You may add contacts subscribed to SMS, Email, or Browser Push

notifications channel here. Learn more about contacts' statuses for different channels.

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