According to statistics, 7 out of 10 customers abandon their carts. However, the cart recovery message can be sent only in case we know who the recipient is. Omnisend has advanced technology for tracking abandoned carts — a visitor doesn't have to be subscribed to receive an Abandoned Cart email.


When is the cart abandoned?
Tracking methods
Achieving better results

When is the cart abandoned?

A cart becomes abandoned when it meets both of the requirements:

  • A visitor adds a product to cart;

  • The order is not completed.

The count for the abandoned cart trigger starts from the moment when you show any activity in the cart. For example, if you add or remove a product from the cart and do not take any action for the time specified in the delay — the email will be sent.

To make sure we are not triggering multiple emails for the same customer, we set the Frequency value to 24 hours. As a result, a single visitor (with the same email address) can receive only one abandoned cart email within 24 hours. This measure protects your customers from triggering multiple emails during the same browsing session. You can adjust the frequency value in the Automation trigger settings.

Tracking method

At the moment, we are using two ways of tracking:

1. Abandoned checkout. A visitor needs to add a product to the cart and proceed to checkout. Further operation depends on your store's platform.

2. Abandoned cart via cookies. After your subscribers complete at least one of the steps described below, we place a cookie in their web browser, which allows us to recognize them when the cart is lost:

  • Clicks any link in your Omnisend newsletter (this means that they already subscribed or have triggered any other message in the past)

  • Subscribes using your Omnisend signup form (becomes a new subscriber).

The automation will be triggered in case of any activity — the product is added or removed from the cart, or the cart is updated.

As you may see from the diagram presented below, the customer's email address should be sent in the cart package or retrieved from the cookie Omnisend has placed.

Currently, not all of the platforms are using both methods or may also have smaller variations in your contact recognition. However, in all cases, Omnisend fully replaces the native automation offered in the platform and, for some, goes the extra mile.

For all of the integrations, cart recovery URL works across different browsers and devices. If you abandon a cart on the desktop and follow the link from your phone, you will be directed to the checkout page you have left. Moreover, the information or the discount code you have already provided will be shown there as well.

Note, you may see some anonymous users in the Live View section leaving their carts behind, it means that we didn't capture the customer email address, and for that reason, the recovery email is not sent.

Achieving better results

If your platform is using cookies for carts tracking, you should also take care of the "warm-up" process. In other words, you need to spread as many cookies as possible - send more newsletters, enable Omnisend Signup forms. Day-by-day, the number of subscribers (who have your tracking cookie) will increase.

More cookies → More abandoned carts tracked → More cart reminder emails sent → More carts recovered.

Here are examples of successful Cart Recovery emails.

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