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Product Reviews Automation (for Third-Party Apps)
Product Reviews Automation (for Third-Party Apps)

Automate your product review emails with the Product Reviews workflow preset to gather customer feedback and boost your sales

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Are you collecting social proof on your product pages and want to scale the process? The Product Reviews automation preset is here to help.

With this preset, you can automatically send product review request emails with links to products your customers have purchased, giving them a chance to share their thoughts.

We recommend using this pre-built automation if you are using third-party apps to collect product reviews.

If you are using the Omnisend Product Reviews app, please refer to the dedicated guide.

Before you begin

  • Please note that in-email product reviews are not supported at this time. Customers will need to follow a link to leave a review on your website.


  • Reviews boost conversions. Customer reviews are seen as trustworthy, increasing sales conversion rates. User-generated content acts as proof that others are satisfied with your product, leading to more purchases.

  • Insights for improvement. Negative reviews show you areas for improvement. Use feedback to identify friction points in your customer experience and make adjustments to your products, processes, or on-site descriptions. Moreover, The presence of negative reviews doesn't necessarily deter customers from leaving their own reviews. A mix of negative and positive reviews can make your positive reviews seem more trustworthy and legitimate.

  • SEO benefits. Up-to-date reviews are essential for ranking highly on Google. This is particularly important for local businesses dependent on Google search results and ratings, as leveraging SEO can help you stand out from competitors.

Setup Process

To use the Product Reviews automation preset, you'll need to set up a workflow from Automations → click Create workflow → Product Reviews → click Customize workflow.

This automation is triggered by the Order Fulfilled event. This event tracks when an item has been shipped and can give you a more accurate idea of when a customer has received their product.

However, to ensure that customers have a chance to use their new product before leaving a review, we recommend adding a delay of at least a few days before sending the email. The default delay is set at 14 days (2 weeks). Waiting this long will also guarantee that the items have been delivered to the clients, which is crucial as it can be frustrating for customers to get a product review email for an item they have yet to receive.

By default, the Trigger Retrospectively option is enabled, which means that customers who have purchased within the past two weeks before enabling the product review workflow will also receive the email asking for a review. This option is helpful if you want to collect reviews from past customers as well as new ones. However, you can disable this option if you only want to collect reviews from new customers going forward.

Flow trigger and Filters

Below, we'll provide a few examples of trigger filters you can use in your Product Reviews workflow.

Order Total Price: This filter can help you target customers who have spent a certain amount on their orders. For example, you can set the filter to target customers who have spent over $50 on their order.

Product Title: You can use the product title trigger filter to target customers who have purchased specific products and send them a review request for that product. This can help you gather more specific and relevant reviews for your products.

Shipping Country or City: Use this filter to target customers who purchased from a particular location. Shipping experience can vary depending on the location. By targeting specific countries or cities, you can collect feedback on how your products perform in those regions and identify any issues related to shipping or delivery that may be specific to those regions.

💡Please note: You can use the same event properties in the conditional splits; this way you can use a more generalized trigger with specific rules in splits to make your emails more targeted. Read more about conditional splits.

Content of Email

To edit the content of your email, select the email block and click Edit content:

In this workflow preset, we automatically include a Dynamic layout with images, product names, and buttons directing to the product page of the product a customer purchased. If you have implemented the Product Reviews Omnisend solution, we will redirect them to the review form, otherwise, you need to add the links from your product reviews solution.

If you use an external solution, you may want to adjust the link based on the anchor links provided in your store admin. For example, if the form to review a review is located at the bottom of the product page. This will require HTML knowledge, and we advise consulting with an expert if you need more experience with HTML. Below, we'll include a few guides for different platforms:

You can tailor the content of this dynamic block to your liking; remember to drag and drop the item you need to the content and select the source from where the data should be pulled.

In the example below, we are adding a text item to the layout →, selecting Description as a source for this text; therefore, the description of each product will be pulled automatically.

Third-party Review Integrations

Apart from our native solution, Omnisend integrates with a variety of product review apps, giving you a range of alternatives for improving your product review strategy. If you already use one of these apps, you can easily connect it with Omnisend.

Simply refer to the app's documentation to learn how to gather all of your data in one convenient place.

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