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Here at Omnisend, our teams develop the product regularly, and new features and improvements are released weekly.

In this article, you will find essential information related to the recent releases that will help you optimize your marketing with Omnisend even more.

Omnisend Product Reviews

Omnisend Product Reviews are finally here to help you highlight what your customers love about your products, giving potential buyers the confidence to make a purchase.

With this update, you can automatically ask customers for reviews after they purchase, show off positive reviews on your Shopify store, and improve your site's SEO to attract more visitors. You can easily manage all your reviews in one place, including the option to hide reviews if needed to protect your brand's reputation.

Your product ratings will appear in Google search results, making your store more visible online. Plus, you can encourage customers to leave reviews with reminders, discounts, or upselling offers, leading to more sales opportunities.

Keep in mind that this feature is currently only available for Shopify users.


We've introduced pre-built automation workflows to help you get started with Omnisend Product Reviews. These workflows are available exclusively for Shopify customers and tagged with the 'Omnisend Reviews' label.

The four pre-built automations include Review Request, Review Request (with discount), Review Follow-up, and Review Follow-up (with discount). These workflows allow you to gather product reviews automatically, request reviews more effectively, and follow up with customers to thank them for their feedback.

Customizing these workflows is easy, allowing you to adjust the timing, content, and discount offers to match your brand's needs.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your customer feedback loop and drive more sales with Omnisend Product Reviews.


Segment based on submitted reviews

Another update that provides more refined segmentation capabilities is the addition of a submitted product review event in segmentation.

Now, you can segment your audience based on detailed review metrics, including rating, title, reviewer name, text, and the attributes of the products reviewed.

This addition opens up new possibilities for you to tailor your marketing and customer engagement strategies more effectively.

View submitted product review event in the customer timeline

You can now also easily see submitted product reviews directly within the contact profile activity. This update is designed to provide deeper insights into customer feedback, enriching your understanding of their experiences and preferences.


  • Lnk.Bio. The official Lnk.Bio Omnisend integration makes it easy to sync your newsletter leads from Lnk.Bio to Omnisend. With a 2-minute, no-code onboarding process, you can automatically sync all the leads you receive on Lnk.Bio to your Omnisend lists in real time . Read more in the dedicated guide;

    Main integration features:

    • Sync newsletter leads;

    • Completely automated;

    • Real-time;

    • No manual input required;

    • No coding required;

    • No exports required.

  • Chatarmin WhatsApp Marketing Tool. Add WhatsApp on top of Email to achieve a CLTV uplift of 25-50%. Retarget automatically email leads that don't convert anymore, and segment non-converted email cohorts via WhatsApp automatically and seamlessly. Read more in the dedicated guide.

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