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MMS in the United States and Canada
MMS in the United States and Canada

Learn how to boost sales with MMS messages

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Everyone has a phone nowadays. The two primary features of any phone are calling and texting. Sending MMS messages online to mobile devices allows you to reach specific consumers in ways that traditional marketing communication simply can't. That's why we believe it's an excellent opportunity to grow your sales with MMS marketing.

MMS stands for 'multimedia messaging service'. It's the enhanced version of SMS, which means you can add images to your text messages. If you're ready to start texting your customers, Omnisend can help.

Differences Between SMS and MMS

SMS is a text messaging service component that is used to send short text messages. Users send trillions of texts per year, and 98% of texts are opened within the first five minutes or less of receipt. Using SMS, you can remind customers about an abandoned cart, send birthday greetings, or simply share a discount code along with advertising a new collection in an SMS campaign. However, there are some cons to SMS:

  • You can include only up to 160 characters in one SMS;

  • Some messages require graphics to understand better, but you cannot send anything but text in SMS.

So here's where MMS becomes useful. MMS allows you to send text messages greater than 160 characters in length, and the main advantage over SMS is that you can add an image to your text message.

How to send MMS?

To create an MMS, just click Select file and add an image to your SMS text message. You can select a file from the image library or browse it from your computer.

And that is it!

SMS campaigns:

SMS block in automation:

Ideas πŸ’‘

When you send an SMS with a product link, customers would need to navigate to your store to see the advertised product. Using MMS, you can not only advertise new products but also display them. Your customers will know exactly what they're going to buy after clicking on the link.

When announcing a flash sale, you might want to send a bold MMS message with a discount offer as a first message. This will grab your customers' attention immediately and they will feel the urge to continue to your store. You can later follow up with reminders and sale extension notifications as simple text-based SMS messages.


To sum up, sending the right amount of messages and adding attractive images can make MMS marketing the right thing for your brand. Make sure to build your own MMS marketing strategy- then it will take your brand to the new heights that email marketing alone cannot reach.


What's the recommended image size for MMS? The recommended image size is 640px by 1138px or 1080px by 1920px.

What's the maximum supported image file size I can use?

The maximum image size you can send per MMS message is 525KB. If the total size of MMS message media exceeded 525KB, your MMS will get a "rejected-message-size-limit-exceeded" callback error.

Can I add GIFs to MMS?

Yes, you can add GIFs to MMS, but the size of the GIF file needs to be up to 500kb.

Is it possible to send MMS to any other country than the US or Canada?

No. You can only send MMS in the US and Canada since other countries' providers do not support MMS.

What is the price for MMS?

It's a 3x price of SMS, which means $0.045 per MMS to the US and Canada. Check the pricing calculator here.

How many characters can I include in my MMS?

You can include up to 1600 characters.

If you have more questions or need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact our Support Team, which is available 24/7 and can be reached via In-app chat or email at [email protected]

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