If I have contacts with phone numbers in my Shopify account, will I be able to message them with Omnisend? You will be able to send your messages to subscribed contacts only. Since you were not collecting your contacts opt-ins with Shopify, they will be synced to Omnisend with non-subscribed status. After connecting your store to Omnisend, you can start collecting SMS channel opt-ins using Signup forms and also enable opt-in collection at the checkout page. Check our guide on the SMS channel for more information.

How do we migrate SMS subscribers from another provider? You can carry over your contacts by uploading them from the file. During the import process, you can map the SMS channel opt-in date and also choose the subscription status. Just keep in mind that you won't be able to migrate the TCPA consents you have collected with the different providers. Omnisend only shows the approvals it has obtained, so if you want to keep messaging your clients, you can import consent records as a custom property in Omnisend.

Do we have a double opt-in for SMS, and is it required in EU law? It is not possible to send the double-opt-in notification via SMS, but it is also not required by the GDPR. According to the GDPR policy, it is sufficient to add the corresponding information to your signup forms and a check-box for the double-confirmation action.

What happens if the phone number is not formatted correctly and the SMS bounces? Omnisend doesn't send SMS messages to phone numbers recorded in the invalid formats. However, it can happen that the country code is not correct; in that case, we attempt to send the message and charge you for that.

Is it possible to see the content of the SMS Campaign that was sent already? It is not possible to view the content of the message in the Reports section, but you can create a copy of the Campaign and check its content in the draft.

What type of SMS messaging Omnisend is using? Omnisend is using long codes for your messages sending.

Is it possible to add a link to the Subscriber preference center to the SMS message? Any of the personalization tags available in the personalization menu can be added to your SMS message, which means that you can add a link to the subscriber preference page to any message. The only exception is the transactional flows within your Automations that should be sent to all contacts despite their subscription status and preferences.

Does the unsubscribe link and Stop instruction in the SMS characters count? Both unsubscribe link and Stop to opt-out instruction are added up to the total number of characters in your SMS message. Since these instructions have different lengths, the characters count for the message sent to the US recipients will be longer than to the rest of the world.

Why do you need to shorten links, and why can't I use my own domain? By shortening your links characters count, we address two problems — reduce the message size, and enable clicks and sales tracking. The decision to use the Omnisend domain is caused by two factors — the complexity of the set-up process and by the ability to avoid additional third-party flows in the process. Additionally, by using the Omnisend domain, you are getting full deliverability support. You can rest assured that any problems with the domain will be recognized and fixed promptly. While using your own domain can put you at risk of being blocked.

Is it possible to check how many folks replied STOP or opted out of SMS? Or replied HELP? Adding an opt-out instruction to the SMS message is mandatory for the US recipients, while it is somewhat optional for the rest of the world. In the Campaign reports, you will see the number of contacts that have unsubscribed out of those that had this option.

Unsubscribe rates from the Automated messages will be shown in the Last Campaign report. For more information, check this article.

Is it possible to send unique discount codes in the SMS message? There is no built-in solution for the unique code generations. However, you can add a custom property with unique discount codes assigned for each of your subscribers. Keep in mind that this property should be assigned to your contacts profile, and for that reason can be used in the SMS Campaigns only.

How long does it take to send the SMS Campaign to a large number of contacts (100k)? We are sending SMS messages by batches and render them based on the carrier's regulations. For example, you can send a maximum of 1 SMS per second and per virtual number in Canada due to local carrier regulations. Each number can send 250 messages a day, therefore to send 100k messages, we assign 400 phone numbers. Finally, the campaign for 100k recipients will be sent within 4 minutes.

Does Omnisend add country codes to the phones imported from the checkout automatically? Yes, Omnisend adds the country codes to the contacts' phone numbers based on the location your customers select at the checkout.

Is it possible to send replies to the SMS messages? Integration with Gorgias lets you set-up two-way SMS messaging, where your support team will receive the replies and will be able to message your contacts back. This functionality is based on the STOP, and HELP replies processing and can be implemented for the US recipients only.

Do you have plans for adding MMS functionality? We are already looking into the possibilities to add MMS messaging to the platform; however, we don't have any estimates yet.

If you didn't find the answer to your question, reach out to our Support Team via in-app chat or at support@omnisend.com.

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