What's new — September 2020

Learn here, what new features and improvements were introduced in September

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Here at Omnisend, our Teams develop the product regularly, and new features and improvements are released every week.

In this article, you will find essential information related to the recent releases that will help you optimize your digital marketing with Omnisend even more!




  • 'Making SMS link shortening optional' feature is released. You have an option to disable link replacement, so your links will be more recognizable for your customers, as they will contain your brand name.

  • STOP/HELP inbound keywords support for Canadian recipients.

  • We are using Toll-free numbers for US SMS traffic now. That means you will no longer need to purchase additional phone numbers, nor increase the daily sending limit to send more than 250 SMS/day.


  • Updated property mapping for contact import. Email address and phone number fields will be mapped automatically.

  • Segmentation update: Status filter added to Placed order rule. Customers can now segment refunded orders, etc.


  • Segments exclusion feature. You can exclude segment(s) you don't want to send to when sending to All contacts or selected segments.



  • Invoice auto-forwarding. You can now add an email address to which you wish us to send your invoice.

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