What's new - August 2021

Learn here, what new features and improvements were introduced in August

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Here at Omnisend, our Teams develop the product regularly, and new features and improvements are released every week.

In this article, you will find essential information related to the recent releases that will help you optimize your digital marketing with Omnisend even more!




  • Time-zone optimization. If you have a list of subscribers in different time zones and you want to schedule your message at a specific time based on where the contact is located, you can use the TZO optimization feature.

New email editor


  • Launched an App Market, where you can find the list of all available integrations;

  • You can now pass up to 100 custom fields along with your custom event:

    custom events properties
  • Launched ShippingChimp integration. Integrate Omnisend with ShippingChimp to reach the right customers with the personalized content based on the shipping information that ShippingChimp tracks.

ShippingChimp integration is no longer available

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