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What's new - October 2021

Learn what new features and improvements were introduced in October

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Here at Omnisend, our Teams develop the product regularly, and new features and improvements are released every week.

In this article, you will find essential information related to the recent releases that will help you optimize your digital marketing with Omnisend even more!

SMS opt-in update

Shopify has released a new feature - SMS collection at checkout. Previously, it wasn't possible to collect SMS opt-in in Shopify checkout by default, so Shopify merchants were looking for workarounds to collect SMS subscribers during checkout. You can now pass the phone numbers to Omnisend Audience with the correct subscription status.

SMS bounces

You can now track bounces for SMS subscribers alongside email bounces. Also, all bounced phone numbers will be unsubscribed. Check more about it here.

Safe Send Limits

New Free accounts don't have any safe send restrictions from now on. Please note that the new free plan sending limit is 500 emails a month, which is the max number of emails you can send with your first campaign.

Sales tracking

With the release of iOS 15, Apple has changed the way open rate data is received on your emails by prefetching tracking pixel in the Apple Mail App. It's vital to understand how opens rate tracking will be changed with this release of the Apple Mail App. You can read more about all the features impacted by iOS 15 here. To adapt our sales tracking logic, we've released a feature that allows switching between attribution by opens and clicks. You can read more about attribution logic here.

Email builder

You can now redo/undo the changes you made in the new editor using the buttons in the top right corner. There are unlimited undo steps, so you can get to the beginning of designing with the possibility to start from scratch.

Note! Reloading the page restarts the feature, so undo history will be lost.

Sender's email verification

When you sign up on and your registration email domain can also be used in Sender’s email (i.e. not,, etc.), the registration email will be automatically added as your first sender’s email. Moreover, users that sign up through Shopify will receive an Account Confirmation email to the inbox they registered with. If they account gets verified, Omnisend will automatically add the account email as their first sender’s email.


  • New integration with Wix. Customers can now connect their Wix website to Omnisend account. It enables to use the data from the website which unlocks order-based automations, order and product-based segmentation, list growth.

  • New integration with CV3, a full-featured e-commerce platform and service company, which provides the platform, hosting, design, web development and marketing company for growing online businesses.

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