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Here at Omnisend, our Teams develop the product regularly, and new features and improvements are released weekly.

In this article, you will find essential information related to the recent releases that will help you optimize your marketing with Omnisend even more!


  • Make sure to join our upcoming Form Builder workshop on March 15, 2023. It's a fantastic opportunity for you to learn how to easily create and customize forms to meet your specific needs. Join us at the workshop to learn how simple it is to create your own forms that work for you.

    The workshop gives you hands-on experience with our Form Builder tool, allowing you to create custom forms for any purpose and add fields, sections, and advanced features.

  • We are introducing our new Workshops & Events guides section! Access an extensive library of recordings from our past workshops and events curated to help expand your marketing skills and knowledge. Our team recognizes the importance of continuous learning in the fast-paced marketing industry, providing resources for you to stay up-to-date and thrive. Gain insights from industry leaders, practical tips and techniques, and innovative solutions to marketing challenges.

Form Builder

  • Collect multiple answers in a form with a new checkbox item in the forms builder. Simply drag and drop the checkbox item anywhere in your form and collect multiple answers with ease. With different checkbox choices, you can map them to custom properties in your store and use this valuable data to segment your audience. This powerful tool allows you to better understand your customers and deliver highly targeted content and offers that resonate with their unique interests and preferences."

  • We're excited to announce the release of new templates in the Forms library!๐Ÿ’ฅ

    As we gear up for multiple celebrations in March and April, we're thrilled to introduce new templates dedicated to spring celebrations. In anticipation of the upcoming Easter holiday, we have recently launched a set of special templates that you can use to prepare your online stores for the occasion.

  • What's more, we've added St. Patrick's Day template to our recommended section to help you get a head start on your holiday marketing campaigns. Be sure to check out these new templates and start creating engaging forms for your audience.


  • Opened Message and Clicked Message events in automation triggers. Maximize your email marketing impact with Opened Message and Clicked Message events in automation triggers. By automating your follow-up communications based on customer engagement, you can create a highly personalized and effective communication strategy that resonates with your audience. With triggers based on customer actions such as opening or clicking on specific emails, you can nurture your leads and build customer loyalty with ease.

  • New trigger workflow retrospectively feature. Customer Reactivation and Order Follow-up automation preset can be triggered retrospectively. If you use API integration, you will see the Trigger retrospectively setting in your Customer Reactivation and Order Follow-up presets enabled by default.

  • New Order events in Automations for Shopify and API-connected stores.
    Instead of the triggers Placed Order and Order Status Changed (with multiple status filters), you can now access six separate event triggers: Placed Order, Ordered Product, Paid for Order, Order Fulfilled, Order Canceled, and Order Refunded. These triggers give you even more filtering, splitting, and personalization options available with the extra event data, which can be used throughout the automation process.


  • Subscriptions by Loop. A complete subscription solution built with direct insights from the DTC community. Create the best subscription experience for your brand with a well-designed & fast-loading subscription widget, add TikTok/IG videos in your exit surveys, and automate/personalize discounts, rewards, trials & gifts on X orders. Get free white-glove migration from any subscription app with account management & support (including phone, email & slack).

    This app is in our App Store; Read more in the dedicated guide;

  • Notify Me! Back in Stock Alerts. Back in Stock allows your customers to subscribe to restock notifications on out-of-stock products. You can enable a stock alert subscription for specific out-of-stock products and send an automatic email/SMS/push when products restock. The app maintains a separate grid to list all subscribers with their current subscription status, products subscribed for, and more.
    This app is in our App Store; Read more in the dedicated guide;

  • Getsitecontrol. Create popups within minutes - signups, sales, or survey responses, website popups. Use pre-designed templates, powerful targeting, smart display triggers, comprehensive statistics reports, and multiple popup positions.
    This app is in our App Store; Read more in the dedicated guide.

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