Omnisend not only provides you with tools for sending and automatic your email marketing campaigns, but tools for your contact collection as well. Create different types of forms to get subscribers from different audiences. This article explains, how each type of signup form works and how you can benefit from it.

Forms on your website


This form automatically appears as a pop-up on your website, based on criteria you set. You can edit both timing and targeting of your Popup to make sure it appears at the right time, on the right page. Limits of how often it reappears is also something that can be edited to make sure it does not annoy your visitors.

Popup allows you to collect email addresses, names, surnames, gender, country, phone, birthdate, and city. Plus, you can chose where exactly on page it appears and whether should it be visible on mobile.

Learn more about Popup.

Signup Box

This signup form can be accessed at any time via a button at the bottom of the screen when browsing your store. Once the button is clicked, a signup form appears. As it can be accessed at any time by your visitor, it does not pop up automatically. You can choose the pages you want it to be on as well as collect additional data like names, surnames, gender, country, phone, birthdate, and city.

Learn more about Signup Box.

Forms for sharing

Landing Page

It is a simple, shareable signup form that is published and maintained on our servers. You can use this form if you need a shareable signup form. Being a landing page it can be shared on social networks, added as a link on your website or send to your leads for a signup.

Landing Page also allows you to add your own CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to have it custom-styled.

Learn more about Landing Page.

Form integrations

Omnisend also offers a number of integrations with third party email collection services.

Forms and Omnisend pricing

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