Identified contacts store activity events tracking is available for Free, Standard, and Pro plan customers. Events in the Live view feed are shown for the last 7 days.

The events Omnisend tracks for each of the ecommerce platforms differ:

Before you begin

Live View can track your contact activity only if the store is connected to Omnisend.

If you're using any other store platform except Shopify, Bigcommerce or Woocommerce, etc., you'll need to finish the front-end integration before Live Views starts working. To do that, you need to add code snippets to the HTML source code of your website right before the closing </body> tags. A step-by-step guide can be found here: Front-end integration.

Using Live View

Live View is a Section available in the Dashboard tab of your account.


The data shown in the Live View can be filtered based on the different events.

You can filter results by any event type you want. You can go one step further and get information about the exact action performed by the customer.

Some of the events presented in the list might not be available on your Live View if those events cannot be tracked in your store.

List view

When we are able to track, the list of events will provide you with detailed data on who, what, and when it was done on your website.

Contact activity

If you want to dive deeper into the contact's activity, just click on the contact's name.

You'll be redirected to the customer profile page, where you'll see more specific details about the contact's activity, such as Orders, Products, and Marketing activity.

You can also expand the contact's session and get to know what the contact did do on your website during the session.

Data displaying and load

Data will refresh every 5 seconds, and a maximum of 50 new events will be loaded at once.

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