When you register your new account on our website: https://www.omnisend.com or via: https://app.omnisend.com/registration, you will be granted with our Starter plan, which gives you a 50 emails limit monthly to test Omnisend out - build and send out your first campaign, create basic segments.

If you want to use more powerful features, connecting and integrating your site is the next step. You can do it after you login to your account:

or by clicking on your Store Name at the top right-hand corner:

If you are using Shopify, you will be required to enter the store's website address (URL). For Bigcommerce just click on their logos and you will get the instructions how to do it step by step. For custom platforms like:

In case you are using any other platform, you will need to integrate it with Omnisend via API-v3

Once you click on CONNECT STORE, based on the platform selected, you will see:



For ALL other custom platforms:

Just click on CONNECT STORE or ADD SNIPPET and follow the instructions. 

For additional assistance, please contact Omnisend Support.

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