Re-activation emails (one or series) are sent to customers that have not purchased from you for a certain period of time. All of us have such customers. They have purchased once or maybe twice but then failed to become a loyal customer. According to several studies by marketers, this number can vary from 25% to even 60% of the entire database of an online store. Re-activation emails help you identify those customers and re-engage with them.

Should I send one re-activation email or series of them?

The re-activation workflow is more powerful when you send a series of three emails instead of one. In case of series you have more chances to be noticed in your customers’ inboxes, also to guess the incentive they want: either it is free shipping, or discount, etc.

What is the right timing for re-activation emails?

If you sell clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. reactivation emails should be sent 30-90 days after the customer becomes inactive, but no later than 180 days after. However, a different period of time may be necessary for vendors selling other products (e.g. household appliances).

The re-activation email should reflect your customer’s buying cycle and be sent just after the cycle ends.

What are the re-activation email triggers?

Due to the differences on ecommerce platform, different order status trigger this automated email.

For Shopify stores the order status has to be paid. When the order status becomes “paid”, the follow-up email is triggered and sent according to the timing you set up.

In Bigcommerce stores, the order status can be the one of the following:

  • "Shipped",
  • "Partially Shipped",
  • "Awaiting Pickup",
  • "Awaiting Shipment",
  • "Completed",
  • "Awaiting Fulfillment"

When will the first email be sent?

After you enable re-activation emails, Omnisend will check the most recent purchases at your store and will send reactivation emails for the customers who haven't bought anything from you for the period of time that you have set up in your re-activation workflow. For example, your series is set up to be sent after 30, 40 and 50 days. If your customer purchased 20 days ago, series is enabled today, the re-activation email will be sent after 10 days from today.

What should I say in this email?

These emails usually use incentives such as free shipping, personal discounts, a special gift, etc. They highlight what is new in the store. Most often, the message in this email is something like: “We miss you, please come back. + [special offer]”.

Re-activation email belongs to automated emails’ family and can be sent by all Shopify and Bigcommerce store owners that use Omnisend Premium plan.

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