What's new — August 2019

Learn here, what new features and improvements were introduced in August

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Here at Omnisend, our Teams develop the product regularly and new features and improvements are released every week.

In this article, you will find the most important information related to the recent releases that will help you optimize your digital marketing with Omnisend even more!



Campaigns & Automation

  • Default setting for "Constraint image by 50%" added to help solve issues with blurry images

  • Email unsubscribe page updates - contacts will opt out from all email communication once they check the box and confirm they are willing to unsubscribe


  • Update to API v2 integrations, i.e. Justuno, Optimonk, etc. Five lists pre-created, names "Integration segment x", to better organize your contacts coming to Omnisend.

  • Source tag “source: magento” added to contacts coming from Magento 1

  • Source tag “source: prestashop” added to contacts coming from Prestashop

  • Source tag “source: bigcommerce” added to contacts coming from BigCommerce

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