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General FAQ

Is it possible to schedule emails to be sent on a specific day of the week?

Unfortunately, setting the message to be sent on a particular day of the week is impossible. You can only specify the delay or the time of the day when your message should be sent.

How can I create a discount in my automation?

You can edit the content of one of the emails in the automation by selecting the email and clicking on "Edit content". Once opened, drag&drop Discount item to the content and edit the settings up to your liking.

Can I add SMS to my welcome automation?

To add an SMS message to your welcome workflow, just drag&drop SMS block to the automation.

How can I turn off transactional automations on BigCommerce admin to create them in Omnisend instead?

To disable transactional emails in BigCommerce, you need to go to Marketing → Transactional emails → disable corresponding transactional emails that you plan to create in Omnisend.

Learn how to replace your Shopify notifications here.

If I add another message to the already enabled automation, will this new email/SMS/etc. be sent to contacts that have entered the workflow already?

After enabling the sequence, the message you add will only be sent to the newly added contacts. While for those who entered the workflow already, you may choose whether to complete the series under the old rules (without the message you have added) or cancel. This applies to all the blocks: Delay, Push notification, SMS, Tag, Split, and A/B testing.

  • If you choose to Discontinue the sequence, all contacts that have entered the workflow will exit, despite the workflow stage they were at.

  • If you choose to Complete the sequence, all contacts that have entered the workflow already will complete it according to the old rules.

Is it possible to add an action to the automation? For example, unsubscribe or add a property to the contact profile.

Unfortunately, it is not possible. You can only add a tag to the contact profile. Later, you can use those tags to segment your contacts and perform manual actions like unsubscribing in bulk or use them for further campaigns/etc.

What happens if I split the workflow to include an SMS message followed by an email, but a non-subscribed to SMS channel contact enters the workflow?

The contact will skip the stage with the SMS block and receive the email message in case they are subscribed to the Email channel, and you didn't uncheck the "pass non-opted-in contact to next workflow step" check-box in the message settings.

Can custom workflow preset be triggered for non-subscribed or unsubscribed contacts?

Custom preset automations can only be triggered for subscribed and non-subscribed contacts. However, automations based on custom events can be triggered for each type of contact, including unsubscribed.

Is it possible to test the workflow before my clients trigger it?

You can add a segment-based audience filter restricting the workflow so that it would be triggered for contacts that belong to the Test Segment only.

If you copy the automation from one store to another one and apply changes to the original one, will those changes apply to the copied workflow too?

When you copy the automation, Omnisend creates a new instance of the workflow. Therefore, changes to any of these workflows won't be reflected in the other one.

Is it possible to cancel the workflow for contacts that didn't open the message (Email, SMS)?

To cancel the workflow for contacts that didn't open the Email or SMS message, you can add a Split condition based on the message behavior. If you don't add any action to the No path, those contacts that don't open the message will exit the workflow.

Will the entire automation stop if there's an issue, like insufficient credits or email provider problems? What happens to contacts in the automation under such circumstances?

If an email faces issues, such as low credits or email provider errors, the affected contacts will be canceled from the flow and won't receive further messages. However, the rest of the automation continues, enabling new contacts to join, and messages will be sent if there are sufficient credits available. If there aren't enough credits or new issues arise, contacts facing these problems will be canceled from the flow to maintain the smooth functioning of the automation.

Transactional Automations

Is it possible to use both metric and imperial units in the automation emails?

It depends on the platform that the store is using; for example, Shopify is one of the platforms that will automatically convert the units to grams.

Can we have multiple triggers for a workflow?

It is not possible to set multiple triggers for a single workflow, but you can add a Split Condition with different trigger filters. For example, you create the workflow with the Order status changed trigger and different order statuses in the Split condition settings.

Can we pull in Shopify Order Line Item Properties to Omnisend?

It is currently impossible to pull over anything except for the default options available in the personalization menu or the individual Items. Check the article below to see the information that can be added to the Email message content.

Is there a way to use Delivered status in the Shipping Confirmation automation?

None of the platforms that have direct integration with Omnisend are passing Delivered status to Omnisend. However, you can integrate Omnisend with 3rd party Shipping applications - ShipStation, Easyship, or AfterShip or with any other app that can be integrated through Zapier.

Browsing-based Automations

How can I exclude contacts that abandon a cart from a browse abandonment automation?

You can add Exit Condition to your Browse Abandoned to cancel the workflow when someone abandons a cart in your store. Check the article below article for detailed instructions.

If an anonymous user was browsing through my store → checked a few products → subscribed to the exit-intent form, would I be able to trigger the browse-abandoned flow for them?

It is not possible to track your contact behavior retrospectively. Omnisend should recognize the customer first and then start monitoring their behavior. However, the Abandoned Cart workflow will be triggered since we are adding the OmnisendCartProducts and store cart info in this cookie.

Is the Abandoned Cart workflow triggered for anonymous contacts?

Abandoned Cart automation gets triggered only in case we can identify the contact and the contact has satisfied all of the conditions in the Trigger settings — trigger, trigger filer, and an audience filter. The contact will exit the sequence in case the Exit condition is satisfied (placed order or another requirement).

Subscriber-based automations

Is it possible to trigger the Welcome workflow for the customers subscribing at the checkout page?

It is impossible to trigger the workflow with the Signup trigger, but you can use the Customer to enter the Segment trigger instead. In the Segment settings, you need to define the condition that would identify those contacts uniquely, for example, subscription status subscribed to email + tag (assigned by the workflow with the Order Placed trigger).

Is it possible to get a notification every time somebody subscribes to my list?

As for now, there is no way to set store-level notifications. You can only create a Segment of the contacts that were added to your list within the last couple of days. In that case, you will see the list of recently added contacts every time you log in to your store.

If we collect our contacts' wedding anniversaries and want to trigger the workflow two weeks before this date, how would we do that in Omnisend?

Recurring automation workflow can be set up using a Birthday preset only. This automation is based on the birthday date stored in your contacts' profiles. If you wish to trigger the workflow for a different occasion, you will still need to record that date under the birthday field.

If you didn't find the answer to your question, reach out to our Support Team via in-app chat or at [email protected].

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