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Here at Omnisend, our Teams develop the product regularly, and new features and improvements are released weekly.

In this article, you will find essential information related to the recent releases that will help you optimize your marketing with Omnisend even more!


  • Exciting news for WooCommerce stores! We will soon be introducing back-in-stock forms and automation presets. Keep an eye out for these new features.

  • If you want to improve your email marketing efforts, make sure to check out our special collection of workshops, FAQ docs, and more. Our workshops cover various topics, providing valuable insights and actionable strategies that can help take your marketing efforts to the next level.

    Whether you're just starting out with marketing or are looking to refine your existing strategy, these workshops can provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed.

Email + SMS Campaign

We're thrilled to announce our latest addition β€” a seamless integration of Email and SMS channels in one marketing campaign. Get ready to elevate your marketing game with our Email & SMS Campaign Integration. Experience the convenience, reach, and impact of multi-channel marketing like never before. Stay ahead of the curve and unlock new possibilities for your brand.

SMS Campaigns

We've added another new feature that's set to transform your SMS marketing campaigns: the country toggling in the SMS pricing page for SMS campaigns. This allows you to filter your SMS campaign audience by the countries you want to send to.

This functionality translates into significant benefits for your marketing strategy. Here's how:

  • Cost Savings. By excluding countries you have no interest in sending SMS to, you can effectively reduce your total campaign costs. This means more budget for other essential aspects of your marketing efforts.

  • Granular Targeting. You can now achieve granular targeting with your SMS campaigns. Tailor your messages to specific regions, ensuring they resonate with your target audience on a local level.

  • Easier Testing. The country toggling feature makes it easier than ever to experiment with SMS campaigns. You can try different approaches and assess their effectiveness with precision.

Email Builder

We're happy to introduce three great updates to our Email Builder, designed to make creating emails easier for you.

  • Enhanced Font Selection to visualize your text. Selecting the perfect font for your emails is now easier than ever. Our enhanced font selection feature lets you enjoy a live font preview within the dropdown menu. This means you can see exactly how your text will look before selecting it.

  • More Text Colors for more control. Say goodbye to limited color options. Our improved color picker lets you choose various colors, ensuring you find the perfect shade for your emails. You can now save it for future use across all your campaigns, making branding consistency a breeze.

  • Preserve Text Styles for seamless copy-paste. No more worrying about losing text styles and formatting. With our latest update, you can paste text directly into our Email Builder, and it will retain its unique styles and formatting, saving you time and effort.


We've added the Started Checkout filter to Segmentation. Now, you can target potential customers who are oh-so-close to making a purchase but just need that little nudge to complete their orders. Imagine the impact this can have on your conversion rates and sales.

Whether it's a special offer, a personalized message, or a timely reminder, you now have the power to reach out to those who are on the verge of making a purchase.

Contact Profile

You can now see the event payload (event details) in the contact profile timeline for all events. You will be able to access event data and easily incorporate it into your analysis by copying the information to the clipboard and pasting it into your preferred platform.

πŸ’‘ This feature is especially useful for API customers to verify data accuracy without relying on API logs πŸ’‘

Store Settings

A new Currency Formats Settings page has been added to Store Settings. This feature allows you to change preferred currency formats and add additional currencies with custom formatting, primarily for abandoned carts and order confirmation emails.


  • Updated Smile & Loyalty Lion integrations. Smile & Loyalty Lion integrations now synchronize the app user's birthday with Omnisend's birthday field, enabling birthday promotion automation.

  • LAI Product Reviews. Integrating LAI product reviews with Omnisend can enhance your marketing efforts with authentic customer feedback. When integrated with Omnisend, businesses can leverage these product reviews to create highly targeted and personalized email campaigns.

    This integration enables you to deliver more personalized and persuasive messages to your customers, fostering trust and increasing engagement with your products.

    This app is in our App Store; Read more in the dedicated guide;

  • Buy with Prime. Install the Omnisend app for Buy with Prime so you can push real-time order notifications to customers, run effective abandoned checkout campaigns, and more. Establish a real-time bi-directional sync between your Omnisend instance and Buy with Prime. Send instant notifications when orders are confirmed, shipped, and delivered. Automate personalized abandoned checkout campaigns that re-engage shoppers and drive more conversions.

    This app is in our App Store; Read more in the dedicated guide.

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