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Omnisend API Documentation
Connect Omnisend to any ecommerce platform or tool
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What is API?

Omnisend API allows you to connect any ecommerce platform or add custom features to your current integration. 

Basically, API is a set of functions and procedures that allows one platform to be integrated with another one. It enables one platform to transfer the data to another one without a constant interference or manual labour. 

API Eligibility

You can integrate your store to Omnisend via our API, if you are using any of these ecommerce platforms:

If you are using Omnisend on Shopify or Bigcommerce, there is no need for integration via API as all the major parts of integration are covered automatically.

Omnisend API Documentation

Omnisend API documentation (API reference) can be found here. Before you start your integration, we suggest checking out the following parts of the documentation:

For debug purposes, we advise you to use our Developer center.

Once you've connected your store to Omnisend, you might want to proceed with further backend integration to make all the features work:

Have any additional questions? Talk to us at [email protected].

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