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Before you start

Setup process

What features are supported

What data is passed

Before you start

If you don't have an account with Omnisend just yet, you'll need to create one first. This article will help you to do it: Creating Omnisend Account. Once the account is created, you can proceed with the steps described in the Setup Process section.

The integration with Shoplazza is a 3rd party integration and it's not among our native eCommerce integrations. So, to start using all Omnisend features, you'll need to contact our support team - [email protected] and let us know that you'd like to use Shoplazza, as your eCommerce platform. Then we'll enable all Omnisend features for your account on our end. Once it's done, we'll inform you about this and you'll be able to proceed with using all Omnisend features.

Note! You can use this integration along with one of the native eCommerce integrations. All the data will be synced to Omnisend the same way as if Shoplazza would be the only store connected to your Omnisend account. If you'll go with this setup, just proceed with the steps described in the Setup process section.

Setup process

Within your Shoplazza store dashboard, select 'Apps' from admin settings on the left. Go to the 'App store' and find Omnisend among other Marketing apps:

Click the 'Install app' button on the next step:

The Omnisend app will be added to your 'Apps' list. Then open the Omnisend store that you're going to connect the Shoplazza to and create an API key. To do this click on your brand name in the top right corner -> Store settings:

Click on the 'API keys' section:

Then click the 'Create API Key' button:

Enter the name of your API key, keep default settings and click 'Save':

Copy the API key that you've just created and paste it into the 'API key' field on the Omnisend integration page in your Shoplazza account. Then you'll need to paste your Omnisend Brand ID into the field called 'Account ID'. The first part of your API key before the dash is your Brand ID:

Once you click the 'Save' button, the integration will be enabled and Shoplazza will start passing data to Omnisend.

That's it!

Important! If you've created a new brand just for your Shoplazza store, make sure to contact our Support team at [email protected] and let us know that you'd like to use Shoplazza, as your eCommerce platform. Otherwise, most of the Omnisend features won't be available for you as you won't have any of the native eCommerce integrations selected.

What features are supported

What data is passed


All the contact data that is added to your 'Customers' tab in your Shoplazza admin will be passed to Omnisend right away. Here's an example when contact is added manually in Shoplazza admin:

Contacts collected on checkout or with Shoplazza Signup forms will be passed to Omnisend as well.

Note! Contacts passed from Shoplazza won't trigger the Welcome automation. If you want to send a Welcome email to these contacts, you can setup a segment for all the email channel subscribers and trigger Automation workflow for anyone who enters this segment, as it's explained here: Welcome workflow alternatives.


All orders placed by your customers will be synced to Omnisend right away. You can set up an Order Confirmation workflow to send email/SMS messages after the order is placed. Order statuses in Shoplazza are mapped to Omnisend order statuses as shown in the tables below:

Order payment statuses in Omnisend

Order payment statuses in Shoplazza



Partially paid




Partially refunded






Order fulfillment statuses in Omnisend

Order fulfillment statuses in Shoplazza



In progress

Shipped/Partially shipped


Finished/Partially finished


Finished/Partially finished



You can all of these statuses to set up Order Confirmation, Shipping Confirmation and other Order-based workflows.


All the products from your Shoplazza admin are synced to Omnisend and you're able to segment based on their names/variants/categories/etc.

Note! When you add a new product to your store, it'll be synced to Omnisend only after a new order is placed. It shouldn't be an order for this specific new product that you've added, but any product in your store.

This also allows you to use our Product picker in the Product listing block to build your email content faster:


Can I send Abandoned Cart and Product Abandonment emails to my Shoplazza store customers? Abandoned Cart and Product Abandonment data isn't passed through this integration for now, but this is going to be improved soon.

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