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29 Next is an all-in-one platform with features that satisfy both direct response marketers and eCommerce professionals. Built from the ground up to be future-proof and meet the demands of the fastest growing and most demanding brands.



  • Sync the entire customer lifecycle context from your 29 Next account to Omnisend at every stage.

Before you start

If you don't have an account with Omnisend just yet, you'll need to create one first. This article will help you to do it: Creating Omnisend Account. Once the account is created, you can proceed with the steps described in the Setup Process section.

The integration with 29 Next is a 3rd party integration and it's not among our native eCommerce integrations. So, to start using all Omnisend features, you'll need to contact our support team - [email protected] and let us know that you'd like to use 29 Next, as your eCommerce platform. Then we'll enable all Omnisend features for your account on our end. Once it's done, we'll inform you about this and you'll be able to proceed with using all Omnisend features.

Note! You can use this integration along with one of the native eCommerce integrations. All the data will be synced to Omnisend the same way as if 29 Next would be the only store connected to your Omnisend account. If you'll go with this setup, just proceed with the steps described in the Setup process section.

Setup process

An Omnisend Store Account can be set up and configured for each language of your store. To set up a new mapping, navigate to Apps > Omnisend.

These Account IDs correspond to the Store(s) in your Omnisend account. If your 29 Next store supports multiple languages and/or locales, you should map each to a separate Omnisend Store to ensure fully segregated and localized marketing content.

Once you click the 'Add Setting' button, you'll be redirected to this form:

You should create an API key in your Omnisend store at this point. You can find information on how the API key should be created here: Generating API key. Make sure to choose all the permissions for your API key.

Once it's created, copy it and go back to 29 Next Omnisend Settings form. Paste the API key into the corresponding field, select the language of your 29 Next website that you want to connect to this specific Omnisend Store where you've created an API key and enter the Account ID (You can find the Account ID in your API key, as shown on the screenshot below). Then click 'Save'.

That's almost it. Go back to your Omnisend store, and click 'Connect store' button or you can simply go to this page:

You'll be redirected to this page, where you'll need to select 'Other':

Then enter your 29Next store URL and click 'Connect store':

The snippet is added by 29 Next integration automatically, so just click 'Verify&Connect' on the last step:

That's it! Your 29 Next store will be connected to Omnisend. You can proceed with setting up Brand Assets, Automation Workflows, Signup forms, etc.

What features are supported

What data is passed


All the contact data that is added to your 'Customers' tab in your 29 Next admin will be passed to Omnisend right away.

Contacts collected on checkout or with 29 Next Signup forms will be passed to Omnisend as well.

Note! Contacts passed from 29 Next won't trigger the Welcome automation. If you want to send a Welcome email to these contacts, you can setup a segment for all the email channel subscribers and trigger Automation workflow for anyone who enters this segment, as it's explained here: Welcome workflow alternatives.


All orders placed by your customers will be synced to Omnisend right away. You can set up an Order Confirmation workflow to send email/SMS messages after the order is placed. Order statuses in 29 Next are mapped to Omnisend order statuses as shown in the tables below:

Payment Status in 29 Next


Payment Status in Omnisend


This is the initial status of all orders, allowing for orders to be created but not yet confirmed or approved for fulfillment. Orders placed but not yet paid remain in Pending until payment is confirmed.





The Order has been sent to the fulfilment partner (if applicable) and no further action is required.



The Order has been canceled. Can only cancel an order before it has shipped.


Fulfillment Status in 29 Next


Fulfillment Status in Omnisend


The Order has not yet been sent to fulfillment.



The Order has been sent to the fulfillment partner for processing. For most fulfillment integrations orders can no longer be modified, nor can shipments be automatically canceled once they reach this stage.


Partially Fulfilled

The Order has certain line items that have been marked as Fulfilled, but other line items that have yet to be fulfilled.

in progress




The Order has been determined to have been delivered. Note, not all fulfillment and carrier partners support a delivery confirmation event.


Not Required

This status applies to orders or line items that do not require shipping, such as digital items or non-shipping items like warranties.


You can all of these statuses to set up Order Confirmation, Shipping Confirmation and other Order-based workflows.


All the Cart info is sent to Omnisend along with the email address customers use on the checkout.

Note! Abandoned Cart workflow won't be triggered for the customers who signup via Omnisend Signup Forms and don't provide their email address to 29 Next using checkout or by logging into 29 Next store account.


Product data isn't sent to Omnisend unless the product has been purchased in any of the orders. If product has been purchased, you'll be able to segment by that purchase.

Note! Product Picker isn't supported for 29 Next store.

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